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Block 26 City One Shatin Shatin

Block 26 City One Shatin

5 Tak Kei StShatin, New Territories
$4,300,000 Gross area 395 sq ft Net area 326 sq ft
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Gym 1
Swiming pool 1
Seller speaks
Fluent English

Property added on 23/09/19
By Property Owner

City One exemplifies a standard swimming pool, a few ball courts, tennis courts, squash courts, table tennis courts, and play areas arranged on the platform of the more current stages. Running trail is accessible nearby the adjacent Shing Mun River. A top park was spotted on the top level of Fortune City One. The arcade encompasses an open range where neighbourhood occasions are frequently held. A private library oversaw by the City One administration board gives giving administrations select to inhabitants of the home. There is likewise a group focus administrated by the Hong Kong PHAB Association beside square 35.
Despite being a residential estate, Ciy One is able to satisfy all shopping needs of residents. There are two shopping centres (Fortune City One and Fortune City One Plus, formerly known as City One Plaza and Ngan Shing Commercial Centre respectively). Local businesses including home appliance stores, variety shops, book stores, jewellers, beauty salons, optical centres, boutiques, bottle shops and confectioneries are main tenants of the two arcades. There are also larger business chains within. The ParknShop Superstore offers daily groceries and necessities. 

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