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Block 05 Grand Del Sol Yuen Long

Block 05 Grand Del Sol

Fung Cheung RdYuen Long, New Territories
$15,800 pcm Gross area 888 sq ft Net area 744 sq ft
Bedrooms 3
Seller speaks
Fluent English

Property added on 21/07/20
By Midland Cyberport

Saleable Area: 744 ft2  (Efficiency
Ratio: 84%)
Gross Area:  888 ft2
Floor: Middle Floor
Rent(HK$): $15,800
Rent/ft2: $21(Saleable) ,  $18 (Gross)
Property ID: NT238828
Updated Date: 21/07/2014
The original Yuen Long Town was not located in the busiest place of present-day Yuen Long, namely Yuen Long Main Road (元朗大馬路), part of Castle Peak Road.
The earliest market in Yuen Long was situated south of the main road near Tai Kei Leng. In 1669 the market was moved north to the area near where the present-day MTR station is situated. This was done for political reasons. This area is now known as Yuen Long Kau Hui (元朗舊墟, lit. "old Yuen Long Town"). This market is sited south of a small hill. While it is far from the coast today, it was beside the seashore when the market was first built.
Cheung Shing Street, which separates Nam Pin Wai and Sai Pin Wai, divides the centre of the market. Temples were built for worship and to judge disputes.
After the British leased the New Territories in 1898, they built Castle Peak Road to connect major areas of the New Territories and Kowloon. The villagers proposed and moved the market town to the main road.
After the Second World War, Yuen Long Town dramatically increased in size, going from a small village into a large town known for its numerous cultural and sporting events.

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