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Block 02 South Horizons Pokfulam

Block 02 South Horizons

Pok Fu Lam RoadPokfulam, Hong Kong Island
$6,600,000 Gross area 643 sq ft Net area 526 sq ft
Bedrooms 2
Seller speaks
Fluent English

Property added on 23/09/19
By Property Owner

Pok Fu Lam Village may be a historic village, it's existed since the start of the seventeenth century. native residents within the past have repeatedly asked the govt. to present native inhabitants of Pok Fu Lam constant recognition as residents of the New Territories. These claims are rejected by the govt. that conjointly vulnerable demolition of the village. within the Qing dynasty Kangxi amount (late seventeenth century) chaos occurred once roughly two,000 folks seeking asylum from Communist China reached this time. The earliest original inhabitants, conjointly emotional to very little port and lived on Ap Lei Chau. the first villagers take subgenus Chen Hsing, Huang Hsing and therefore the Luo last name primarily. They were farmers. In 1819 "Xinan County Journal", mentioned that Pokfulam Village was in port Island and was one among 2 villages (another encircles Wong Chuk droop, Hong Kong). it had been delineate as "depends on Shan Pangchien, the structure is kind of elegant". when the Second war, the large exile flow seeking asylum from Communist China reached this time, leading to the village population increasing by over a hundred households. the initial vegetable gardens were replaced by homes. The population once more raised within the Eighties with the improved economy. The village inhabitancy solely then began to scale back, however at the present still several villagers sleep in the village.

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