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Villa Rosa Tai Tam

Villa Rosa

88 Red Hill RoadTai Tam, Hong Kong Island
$160,000,000 Gross area 3,960 sq ft Net area 3,314 sq ft
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Swiming pool 1
Seller speaks
Fluent English

Property added on 23/09/19
By Property Owner

This fantastic townhouse is based in Tai Tam. It has four bedrooms, a saleable area of 3,314 square feet and a gross area of 3,960 square feet. This gives it an efficiency ratio of 84%. It has a large swimming pool which overlooks a beautiful view of the sea.
Tai Tam is located on the South coast of Hong Kong Island. The name Tai Tam in Chinese means 'Big Pool' and refers to the triangular bay shape of the coastline.
A list of places in the vicinity includes:
American Club Hong Kong has its main, larger location in Tai Tam
Hong Kong International School
Hong Kong Parkview
Red Hill Plaza
Tai Tam Scout Centre
Pacific View
Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail  

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