Hong Kong Apartment

Hong Kong Apartment Prices Might Surge by 10 per Cent This Year

Hong Kong apartment prices last year surged by 14 percent. The 10 percent price surge that has been predicted this year can be attributed to land acquired 2 years ago that was costly and that was the opinion of Thomas Lam Tat-man. Mr. Thomas is a general manager at ...

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Hong Kong Governments Problem is not Deficits

A source has suggested that there is a high likelihood of annual surplus reaching HK$160 billion at the close of the financial year. This information has come at a time when the financial chief has been put under pressure to provide budget giveaways. This year, Hong ...

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Hong Kong Mortgage

Hong Kong Mortgage Rule Tightening May Have Done More Harm Than Good

According to a poll conducted by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, there has been an increase in the number of people who do not support the new regulations in the real estate industry. As of 2016, the number of people in Hong Kong with negative, positive ...

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Hong Kong Property

Hong Kong Property Sold so Far This Year Worth US $7.22 Billion

Hong Kong Realtors have good reason to smile because this year, there have been far more sales than in the past few years. Within 26 days of 2018 buyers and investors had already spent an astonishing HK$ 56.42 billion, the equivalent of US$ 7.22billion, on Hong Kong ...

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Hong Kong Apartments Prices

Examining the Continuous Rise of Price in Hong Kong Apartments

Prices in Hong Kong apartments surge for the 21st month this December, and we see more gains this year. Last month saw the rise of the City's home price index by 1.4% which is the longest run of gains seen since 1993, and with the stock market enjoying a boom and ...

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